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Benefits of TwinN bio fertilisers from Mapleton Agri Biotec

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Mapleton Agri Biotec  manufactures nitrogenous bio-fertilisers such as the TwinN, with the help of skilled and trained agronomists and microbiologists. The TwinN fertiliser has been developed by a combination of science and biotechnology applications. The TwinN, offered by Mapleton Agri Biotec, is a freeze-dried biological alternative to the traditional fertilisers that come with high levels of nitrogen.

The TwinN bio fertilisers, from Mapleton Agri Biotec, have their own benefits, when used. The TwinN is a concentrate and comes with increased level of profits. The TwinN bio fertiliser is IFOAM accredited and is registered by NASAA. The TwinN, when used, extends the shelf life of the crop and is 100 per cent organic in nature. It is an effective, eco-friendly and reliable product. It is easy to apply and flexible to use.

The TwinN bio fertiliser, from Mapleton Agri Biotec, produces results that match conventional fertilisers. This is done without destroying the local ecologies. The benefits of the TwinN bio fertiliser includes increased photosynthetic sugar production, improved taste and shelf life, improved water use efficiency of plants, increased root systems and yield and improved soil structures.

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