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Environmental benefits of TwinN bio fertilisers from Mapleton Agri Biotec

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The TwinN bio fertiliser from Mapleton Agri Biotec is a concentrated product that is reliable, eco-friendly and easy to use. The TwinN bio fertiliser is made from freeze-dried microbes. It is used in the selection of nitrogen fixing microbes that are used as soil improvers in all types of crops.

TwinN bio fertiliser act as nitrogenous solution. TwinN from Mapleton Agri Biotec is prepared through simple procedure carried out in the lab. The freeze-dried microbes required are re-hydrated before use. The rehydration process takes around three hours. During the rehydration process, the microbes are activated and they get ready for application. The method of application includes foliar and irrigation applications. The foliar application includes aerial, backpack and boom spray methods. Mapleton Agri Biotec offers complete application guide with each TwinN package.

TwinN bio fertiliser from Mapleton Agri Biotec has been designed based on the environmental factors. TwinN from Mapleton Agri Biotec removes the presence of water through freeze drying process and it decreases the transportation and application services. TwinN can be transported to the customer in a vial through postal services. TwinN is also used in zones that are sensitive to nitrate. TwinN is ideal for agro biotechnological applications.

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