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TwinN bio fertilisers from Mapleton Agri Biotec

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Mapleton Agri Biotec  markets the TwinN bio fertiliser around the globe. The TwinN bio fertiliser was developed by experienced microbiologists and agronomists from Mapleton Agri Biotec. TwinN from Mapleton Agri Biotec is considered as a milestone in bio-fertiliser industry.

TwinN bio fertiliser from Mapleton Agri Biotec is a reliable and effective product. TwinN bio fertiliser is used in selection of high yielding nitrogen fixing microbes that are used as a soil improver in all crops including both leguminous and non-leguminous crops. TwinN operates by converting the atmospheric nitrogen into a plant available form. TwinN from Mapleton Agri Biotec is a freeze dried nitrogenous fertiliser and it reduces the reliance while applying nitrogen fertiliser during conventional farming.

TwinN bio fertilisers are formulated using microorganisms like endophytes. The endophytes live inside the plant. TwinN delivers the required amount of nitrogen by combining with selected number nitrogen fixing microbes. The TwinN microorganisms are multifunctional in the way they operate. TwinN is manufactured using freeze drying process and it helps in eliminating the shelf life problems. TwinN helps in fixing the nitrogen within the plants as well as the soil that surrounds the root zone.

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