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Marrington Shorthorns specialises in breeding of Marrington studs

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Marrington Shorthorns  is a family operated business located in Dubbo. Marrington Shorthorns is involved in breeding muscular, structurally sound, reputable and functional cattle which adapt themselves across a wide range of markets. Marrington Shorthorns runs both commercial shorthorn and stud herd. Marrington Shorthorns was introduced in 1967 and ever since this has been a quality breed for commercial breeding.

Marrington Shorthorns has undergone various changes to meet the dynamic needs of the beef cattle industry. Now Marrington Shorthorns have a higher growth rate and a heavier muscle pattern. Marrington Shorthorns also possess good fertility rate, structural soundness and desirable maternal traits.

Marrington Shorthorns currently produces a herd of cows which are sound, safe and adaptable. The Marrington breed is the back bone of this company and this breed along with commercial herds are sold in paddock conditions. These animals are run under natural conditions by Marrington Shorthorns; they are sold at the National Shorthorn Show as well as the Sale in Dubbo. Marrington Shorthorns has purchased the Turra breed and this company is expanding at northern New South Wales.

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