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Commercial breeding and bull sales from Marschay Shorthorns

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Marschay Shorthorns  is a company which specialises in commercial breeding of cattle. Marschay Shorthorns also deals with procedures like artificial insemination for the production of quality sires with good genetic make up. Various sires have also been purchased by Marschay Shorthorns for improving the genetic traits of its animals.

Moombi Southern Cross V100 is a sire purchased by Marschay Shorthorns. This is a powerful bull with good feet and balance. This roan bull has been sired by Royalla Ziegfield. Marellan Electrician is another sire purchase by Marschay Shorthorns. This sire has a sound structure with a good muscle structure. This animal has rich red, shot hair and is suited for use over Marschay heifers.

Lone Pine JusticeY40 has been taken under a lease agreement by Marschay Shorthorns. This animal was selected for its low birth weight characteristics and growth properties. Apart from these sires females and stud bulls are also dealt by Marschay Shorthorns.

Some of the sale bulls from Marschay Shorthorns include Marschay Bancroft, Marschay Bodydell, Marschay Bowman, Marschay Barton, Marschay Banister, Marschay Beaumont and Marschay Barnabas.

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