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Marschay Shorthorns specialises in commercial cattle breeding

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Marschay Shorthorns deals in the commercial breeding and sales of cattle and bulls. Marschay Shorthorns was established in 1975 and currently houses about four hundred animals registered under it. Sires with a good genetic make up are used by Marschay Shorthorns so that the off springs also have a good genetic base and other desirable traits like god carcass quality and milking ability.

Marschay Shorthorns is involved in extensive breeding programmes and these programmes focus on the production of animals with good structure and characteristics. Marschay Shorthorns also enters carcass competitions to gauge the performance of its sires. The stud stocks from Marschay Shorthorns are entered in country shows and other Royal shows.

Marschay Shorthorns is cattle care accredited and MN2 accredited as well. Marschay Shorthorns has sold several bulls in the recent years including Marschay Rampart, Marschay Tobias, Marschay Uptake, Marschay Perseus and so on.

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