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Loaders and combine harvesters offered by Massey Ferguson

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Massey Ferguson  provides various agricultural equipment such as hay harvesters, loaders, groundscare products, balers and so on. The MF 900 is a loader offered by Massey Ferguson. This product has a lifting capacity up to 2850kgs. The clean beam design of this product encloses hydraulic pipework that ensures maximum operator visibility. Curved cross tubes offer protection to the hydraulic components by acting as a shock absorber.

The MF 900 loader from Massey Ferguson also has an automatic loader attachment which can be attached by driving in. No additional tools or bolts are required to fix this attachment. The loader functions are controlled with the help of a multi-function joystick that enables simultaneous lifting and crowding. Simplified maintenance and a handy tool storage option are the other features of this loader.

Combine harvesters are also available from Massey Ferguson. The MF 9000 combine harvester has a reliable SISU engine, a rotor with advanced technology and an in-built cleaning system. These harvesters have simple designs that utilise fewer moving parts. This provides the machine with a resistance to wear and tear. This product operates at a constant speed for efficient threshing and grain separation.

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