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New MF8600 Series tractors from Massey Ferguson

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article image MF 8600 tractors from Massey Ferguson

With the launch of the MF 8600 Series Massey Ferguson has delivered a contemporary tractor that combines power with a multitude of innovative features including a fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly engine and new levels of operator comfort. 

MF 8600 Series Tractors are targeted to contractors and large farmers. The five models in the range extend from the 270hp MF 8650 up to the 370hp MF 8690. All five models are powered by a six cylinder Sisu Power engine and award-winning Dyna-VT transmission. 

The MF 8600 Series is the first tractor range in the world to feature engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. Already widely used in the road transport industry, SCR engines significantly reduce exhaust pollutants and provide the best fuel economy in their class.

AGCO Australia’s Mark Francis says it is no surprise that the MF 8690 won both the Tractor of the Year 2009 and Golden Tractor Design Awards at the EIMA show in Italy. The MF 8600 series features SCR engine technology, continuously variable transmission, OptiRide Plus cab suspension system, and contemporary styling.

The OptiRide Plus cab suspension system also scooped the gold medal for innovation at the 2009 Paris SIMA show. “The four valve, common rail AGCO Sisu Power e3 engine in MF 8600 tractors provides optimum power delivery, with the benefit of a turbocharged intercooler. With exceptional constant power and torque backup, the engine keeps all of its productivity and strength with the added benefits of lower emissions and better fuel efficiency,” Mark Francis says.

“All AGCO Sisu Power e3 engines feature new generation Electronic Engine Management (EEM). This enables continuous adjustment of the amount and timing of fuel injected, in relation to engine speed and load. The results are lower emissions, more power and superb fuel economy.”

EEM also enables a range of advanced engine control functions, including Engine Speed Control, which is standard on MF 8600 Series tractors. The extra power feature provides more power at 2,000 revs/min than at 2,200 revs/min. This is consistent with PTO speed so that maximum power is available for all PTO applications.

This technology is combined with SCR to create a new concept tractor. Mark Francis says SCR works by injecting a urea solution into the exhaust gas. Urea is a compound of ammonia and C02. It reacts with nitrous oxide (NOx) to create two harmless products – water and nitrogen gas.

“Until now, engine manufacturers have reduced emissions mainly by recirculating exhaust gas into the engine but this lowers the efficiency of combustion. Because SCR acts after combustion, the engineers could focus on achieving the most efficient engine settings regardless of emissions.

“Because SCR engines achieve peak combustion efficiency they also deliver more torque at lower speeds. The benefit of this is reduced fuel consumption by 5 percent. And because combustion in SCR engines is more efficient they produce less soot, which reduces the frequency that oil must be changed.” Mark Francis says SCR engines use a urea solution referred to as AdBlue.

The tractor has a separate AdBlue tank and injection system with a low pressure pump that injects the solution into the exhaust. It can be used with all commercially available diesel fuels. AdBlue is non-toxic and non-flammable, and it is not a hazmat substance. It just needs to be stored in a cool place.

Many of the worlds leading truck engine manufacturers such as Mercedes, Volvo and UD have developed SCR engines, and they are becoming common in Australia and New Zealand. To deliver engine power to the ground MF 8600 tractors feature the easy to use stepless Dyna-VT transmission. With Dyna-VT There are no shifting of gears, no jolts, and no breaks in traction or power.

“The power control lever makes forward/reverse shuttling and speed change convenient and hassle-free,” Mark Francis says. “When baling, for example, you can choose to control the machine by the foot pedal or, depending on conditions and specific applications, you have a choice of preset operating modes.

“By using the preset function your speed will be maintained automatically and memorised at engine shutdown. It will make headland turns, loader work and other field operations faster, easier and less tiring.”

Dyna-VT also features the ‘Supervisor’, which is on continuous stand-by and activates when engine speed falls under load. With the Supervisor when the load on the engine is increased and engine speed drops, the transmission will automatically reduce forward speed to maintain total power. This is adjustable for PTO applications, fieldwork or transportation. Another innovation AGCO has introduced in its MF 8600 tractors is Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM).

DTM is an electronic management system that works in conjunction with Dyna-VT to automatically control engine speed according to the load on the tractor. DTM maintains the required forward speed at the same time it minimises engine revs in order to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. Dyna-VT and DTM work at maximum efficiency and economy whilst maintaining a smoother drive and a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption.

The Panorama cab on MF 8600 tractors has instrumentation, and intuitive Dyna-VT controls with levers and switches grouped on the new armrest to the right of the operator. Panorama cabs have four pillars rather than six, so visibility is unrestricted. The cab is 28 percent more spacious, compared to that of MF 8400 Series machines. As well as an extremely comfortable driver’s seat, the MF 8600 cab is fitted with a brand new four point suspension system.

The suspension system has the latest in hydraulic ram and accumulator technology, which uses sensors to provide information and ensure the cab is at an even level. The award-winning OptiRide Plus cab suspension system is standard with all MF 8600 models sold in New Zealand and Australia. It allows the operator to completely control the level of damping through a dial in the cab. Using data from sensors collected through the tractor’s Can-Bus, OptiRide Plus will automatically adjust the damping of the cab suspension.

Information on rolling and pitching is fed to the central cab suspension control box, which maintains damping and can provide up to 25 percent more comfort.

MF 8600 Series tractors feature new rear linkage with extreme 12,000 kg lift capacity, and the Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS) with a 5,000 kg lift capacity. The new chassis structure with durable chassis rails, robust cast front axle support, and heavier duty front axle with QuadLink.

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