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A Chicken Tractor is essentially a mobile chook pen with an open floor, allowing your chooks the ability to scratch, dig up seeds, eat weeds and leave behind their natural fertilizer. Once this has been done sufficiently in one space, you can move the pen to another patch, providing fresh grass for the chickens and leaving behind a weed-free, fertilized patch in which you can plant your veggies. The chicken tractor is also suitable for a night-time lock up pen for free range chickens.  

Unique patented design - very easy to move

McCallum Made Chicken Tractors  are quality pens that are unique in that they are very easy to move. Their unique patented design involves two wheels on an over-centre arrangement and the back lifts up with the aid of a small trolley jack. This allows you to raise the chicken tractor 80mm off the ground temporarily for transport purposes, keeping your chickens inside when you move it. Once transported it then lowers to sit flush with the ground. This design is unique to our pens, as other models require the owner to manually lift one end, causing possible strain to the lower back and giving potential for the chickens to escape. The design has proven to be extremely popular with customers.

Other Components

The McCallum Made Chicken Tractor has a front access gate and a self-propped lift-up lid at the back. It comes supplied with one laying box (sufficient for the number of hens accommodated by the pen), and a built-in roost. All these accessories are attached to the chicken tractor which facilitates easy moving around your yard, so you do not have to move them separately. Colours include mist green, caulfield green or smooth cream. However, other colours can be ordered and custom built to suit your requirements.


McCallum make several size chicken tractors to suit various needs. We do not overstock so you can be confident our recommendations of birds per floor space is reasonable. The Leviathan Model has finally arrived.  At 5.4m by 3.6m it is McCallum’s largest chook pen suitable for small commercial enterprises or a very big back yard poultry collection. McCallum recommend keeping 30 chooks in the Leviathan on a full-time basis but it is has perching space for 100+ chooks as a night-time lockup.

The Jumbo Model is an elephant-sized chicken tractor. At 2.7 metres square, it can hold up to 12 chickens and still has a turning circle which makes it very easy to move. McCallum recommend using the Action Draw Bar with the Jumbo Model for ease of use.

The Master Model is a king-size chicken tractor, twice the size of the standard model and yet still easily towable with our unique mobility system. It comfortably holds 8 chooks, has double the roosting space of the standard model and two laying boxes.

The Standard model accommodates an average of 4 chooks on a permanent basis, but if you are using the pen as a lock-up you can obviously house more when letting them free-range during the day. This model suits most backyarders well and is our most popular product.

The Mini Model suits 2 chooks. This model is very suitable for the elderly who only want a couple of chooks, and is easily handled by children (under adult supervision, it is not a toy). The Mini Model is a good combination of space and height economy for very small suburban backyards.

The Brooder Model is the ideal quiet place for your broody chook to hatch her chickens. It also suits day old chickens when fitted with a warming light, or guinea pigs.

All pens can be fitted with mesh on the base to make them completely enclosed for dog runs, snake, rats or mice cages. Customers have used our pens to accommodate: chooks, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, finches, geese, turkeys, goats, sheep, ducks, and even a wallaby. Custom made models are available on request.

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