McDougall Weldments

McDougall Weldments have been manufacturing agricultural and industrial equipment since 1968. We supply a large range of sheep yards, seed and super bins, chaser bins, grain cleaners, augers, trail feeders, lot feeders, parts, hay buggy, fuel tanks, gun cabinets, sheep handling machines and solar pumps.


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21/05/12 - A portable sheep yard from McDougall Weldments can be unpacked and ready to use in approximately twenty five minutes.
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17/10/11 - McDougall Weldments offers model 1003 transportable sheep yards. They are able to hold 2000 sheep and work 1000 sheep.
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17/08/11 - 3 Minute legs are easy to use and they can remove heavy bins from the back of trucks in just three minutes.
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05/07/11 - McDougall Weldments has been manufacturing agricultural and industrial equipment since 1968.
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WA 6311
Tel: 08 9883 6020
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