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Cascade Solar Water Pumps from McDougall Weldments

The Cascade Sun Mill solar energy equipment from McDougall Weldments work by harnessing the power of the sun to pump water.

They work by combining solar panels with a submersible or piston electric pump.

Ideal for lower volume requirements
The Cascade solar water pump is ideal for lower volume requirements such as a farm or home. It also features:

  • Large solar panels and a stainless steel pump
  • Solar panels are mounted on a pole facing the sun, electricity is produced, which is fed to a motor controller
  • The motor controller drives an electric motor which powers the solar pump

Lower ongoing costs than for traditional pumps
The Cascade Sun Mill has substantially lower ongoing costs than for traditional diesel or petrol pumps.

  • Cost effective pumping system for small volume requirements
  • Reliable and maintenance is easier than for traditional windmills, and is required less often
  • These solar water pumps are ideal for rural locations that have limited access to mains power

The Cascade Sun Mill Solar Pumps are ideal for the sunny conditions across Australia and are environmentally friendly.

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