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Grain Cleaners from McDougall Weldments.

Grain Cleaners from McDougall Weldments are designed for small seed removal, to remove dirt, weed seed and other foreign objects from grains.

This produces maximum returns on grains, in particular high priced grains such as barley (barley cleaning).

Capable of Cleaning 22-40 tonnes an hour
The Grain Cleaner from McDougall Weldments clean upto 40 tonnes an hour, removing impurities and foreign objects from grains.

  • These grain cleaners separate and remove all coarse, oversized objects and impurities from an incoming grain stream
  • Designed to be operated between the header and the field for maximum efficiency

Avaliable in Petrol or Diesel Powered
The single operation motor can be powered by diesel or petrol depending on choice increasing the versatility.

  • The large capacity blower has a 9.7m screen area increasing the amount of grains that can be cleaned
  • The grain cleaning equipment can hold 90 bags in the receivable bin and up to 70 bags in the seconds bin, meaning that the bins will not have to constantly be emptied saving time

 Mcdougall Weldments' grain cleaners have excellent cleaning capabilities and the ability to clean a large amount of grains in a short space of time.

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