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Handi Crane Lifting Equipment (300kg, 500kg)

Crane Lifting Equipment
The Handi Crane from McDougall Weldments is a vehicle mounted crane which can provide help during farm lifting operations and bulk materials handling.

Vehicle Mounted Handi Crane Benefits

  • The Handi Crane is easy to use
  • These cranes can work via manual or electric winch operation - the electric operation is connected to the vehicles electricity supply
  • Limitless uses are available given the crane does not rely on hydraulics or batteries
  • The vehicle mounted crane can be used for a range of load-handling applications including service and engineering duties
  • The farm cranes have lifting capacities of either 300 kg or 500 kg and can be easily installed on a wide range of vehicles
  • The vehicle mounted crane has a diagonal stay which adds to the stability and  strength of the boom
  • The vehicle mounted Handi Crane is made of strong, sturdy material, designed to give years of use

Lifting Farm Equipment With a Vehicle Mounted Crane
The Handi Crane from McDougall is ideal for helping lift farm equipment or other items.

As it is vechicle mounted, the crane can be easily transported to where it is needed, and can be taken off the vechicle and stored away when not in use.

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