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‘Rebated concrete slab’ system for Sheds from McSheds

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article image ‘Rebated concrete slab’ system for Sheds

All sheds by McSheds are supplied with the detail of their rebated concrete slab system. Whether it is a small shed, a farm shed or a large machinery or industrial shed, this rebated concrete slab system will protect whatever is kept inside the shed.

The system allows the wall iron on the shed to sit down in a small recess in the concrete slab (as pictured). The benefits of this shed design are clear:  

  1. The unique rebated concrete slab system stops Mice and Rats as well as Cane Toads and other vermin from entering the shed. 
  2. The rebated system also prevents the entry of water as well.
  3. There are no sharp edges on the slab or base of the shed to injure children while playing.
  4. It provides a distinct separated base so it is easy to mow around the shed. It also prevents grass and weeds from growing up into the shed so there is less maintenance.
  5. There is no rust from a metal flashing holding metal fillings. 
This vermin and water resistant rebated concrete slab design will be carried out by McSheds if the ‘full supply and erect’ option is chosen. Or the complete concrete slab detail will be supplied if the client wishes to do the work.

This clever addition to sheds from the designers at McSheds is impressive and really works. McSheds staff can demonstrate the advantages of this unique rebated concrete slab system for all types of sheds.

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