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Equine Professional (ePro) nutritional system from Meadowlands Animal Supplies

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The Australian equine industry has recently acquired a new entrant, with Queensland based equine nutrition specialists Meadowlands Animal Supplies launching on to the market with a range of products formulated to encourage wellbeing and peak performance in horses.

There are seven products available in the Equine Professional (ePro) nutritional system, which has been developed by Meadowlands founder Ms. Lisa Gordon. An equestrian herself, Ms. Gordon is responding to a gap in the market she observed and was herself frustrated by.

"There is a real paucity of options available and what is currently on the market has been a bit of a catch-all solution that does not adequately respond to the specific needs of owners, riders, breeders and trainers. Most glaringly, there has been a limited cost effective selection that is really suitable to use as a replacement product for foals. We’ve addressed these issues with the ePro range."

Developed in collaboration with local equine nutrition expert Mariette van den Berg, the ePro range covers foal milk replacements to formulas and supplements developed for broodmares, performance horses, studs and stallions. Rounding out the line is a natural mineral product that significantly reduces the dangerous ammonia levels that can lead to respiratory duress when stabling and transporting horses.

The ePro nutritional system has been developed to fill a niche in the market for high quality, affordable equine milk replacement and nutritional supplements. It uses only the highest possible standard of ingredients, such as WPi, WPC80, omega oils and Pro and Pre biotics.

"Key product lines such as ePro Total Performance Xtra are formulated to help performance horses better synthesize protein, which in turn goes toward crucial muscle development, muscle repair and bone development," said Ms. Gordon, who has already secured a national distribution deal with one of the largest industry players in the country.

"National distribution deals for the line are already in place with CRT members and we anticipate retail outlets will be stocking ePro supplements in the near future, all product details and supplier information can be found on our new website www.meadowlandsanimalsupplies.com.au" said Ms. Gordon.

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