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Flow transmitters and loggers offered by Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE)

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Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE)  is a designer and manufacturer of electronic fluid monitoring instruments. Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) designs and offers a diverse range of electronic monitoring products, which includes data loggers, controllers and ultrasonic flow meters.

Being in the control equipment business as well as research and development over the past three decades, Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) has access to advanced, high-technology equipment for developing solutions for industrial, agricultural and environmental markets.

Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) offers the FloPro series 3 flow transmitters and logger, which has Doppler velocity and improved level measurement sensors. FloPro velocity sensors are equipped with advanced spectrum signal processors for accurate results under various ranges of hydraulic operating conditions.

FloPro velocity sensors from Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) can measure flow anywhere including. The FloPro Series 3 flow transmitter is a flexible monitoring and control device, which can be used for multi-channel data logging.

Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) offers a portable waterproof logging flow meter called HVFlo, powered by a high performance battery. The HVFlo portable waterproof logging flow meter is suitable for open channel flow monitoring services including stormwater, wastewater and industrial discharge applications.

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