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Water flow monitoring solutions from Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE)

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Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE)  specialises in complete water flow monitoring solutions. Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) has more than 40 years of experience in providing support to the environmental, agricultural and industrial sectors. Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) provides specialised and advanced high technology flow meters, controllers and data loggers for water irrigation and waste water monitoring requirements.

Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) offers a wide range of economical products, which have quality proven performance, durability and reliability even in harsh environmental conditions.

Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) is well known in the international irrigation market and offers industry proven products like the MACE RotoFlo and AgriFlo, which are especially designed for farmers and water supply companies.

Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) has also worked closely for more than three decades with environmental agencies and has provided various cost effective solutions that are suitable for applications including remote data logging, sewer and storm water flow monitoring, rainfall recording and tidal gauging devices.

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