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Crop nourishment solutions from Megafert

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Megafert  specialises in providing quality fertilisers. Megafert offers MegaEasy, which is specially developed to provide a balanced supply of phosphorus, nitrogen and sulphur. This, in turn, enhances the early establishment and growth of crop. MegaEasy is designed to provide optimised crop production.

MegaEasy from Megafert has a uniform granular size, which makes it suitable for use with advanced seeding equipment. MegaEasy consists of MegaCrop ammonium sulphate chemical along with premium phosphorus.

MegaEasy offered by Megafert is an ideal starter fertiliser for crops after a low grain yield and dry season. After this season, phosphorus becomes essential for the strong establishment of early crop. MegaEasy also consists of starter nitrogen and sulphur required for early crop development. MegaEasy also functions as storage solution for nutrients.

MegaEasy from Megafert provides simple seeding solutions for farmers. MegaEasy is an efficient source of phosphorus, nitrogen and sulphur. MegaEasy facilitates an even and consistent distribution of supplements to the crop. MegaEasy contains sulphur, an important nutrient for cropping systems. MegaEasy also increases the efficiency of phosphorus and ensures its even distribution when compared to nitrogen phosphorus blends.

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