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Pasture development fertilisers from Megafert

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Megafert  provides an extensive range of fertilisers for strong crop establishment. Megafert offers megaMilkBoost, which is a specially formulated nitrogen fertiliser. megaMilkBoost provides improved pasture growth even under extreme cold seasons.

The use of megaMilkBoost from Megafert results in energy-rich pastures with a high level of protein and digestibility. megaMilkBoost produces nutrient pastures, facilitating early lactation in mother cows.

The nitrogen content in MegaMilkBoost is capable of producing nearly 10 kilograms of extra pasture dry matter per kilogram of nitrogen. It has a positive effect on high fertility paddocks, which get adequate phosphorus, trace elements and potassium. megaMilkBoost akllso contains sulphur, which is required for healthy plant growth. The fertiliser prevents nitrate accumulation by boosting the sulphur content in the soil.

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