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Phosphorous fertilisers from Megafert

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Megafert  offers a wide range of fertilisers for the agricultural industry. Megafert provides services towards improving value for farmers. Megafert operates through a wide network of independently-owned and local agribusinesses.

The fertilisers offered by Megafert are tailor made specific blends that exceed any individual agronomic needs. Megafert operates through an experienced team that is skilled in fertiliser procurement, financial management, product development innovation, agronomy and fertiliser marketing.

Megafert offers fertilisers with a high content of phosphorus nutrition, which is necessary to ensure higher yield potential and crop health. Phosphorus, a vital element in annual crop production, helps in the early root development and growth of the crop. Phosphorus protects the crop against diseases and promotes rapid seedling. Phosphorus is also required for the storage of energy, transportation, respiration and photosynthesis.

Megafert offers MegaCropBoost, which is a cost effective and balanced nitrogen fertiliser with added sulphur. MegaCropBoost is specially formulated for the post seeding applications of oilseed crops and cereals so as to obtain the maximum yield and protein.

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