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Melpat International's range of Crop Protectants and Fruit Protection Products includes the Bordeaux Crop Disease Control Products

Melpat Bordeaux Fungicides, unlike most other crop protectants, are a pre made, time saving mixture of tri basic copper sulphate and lime.

The two ingredients of these fungicides result in excellent weathering and sticking properties on the plant surface, which leads to excellent disease control.

Rich Bordeaux Fungicides
Benefits include:
  • The pre made formulation allows the farmer to spend more time spraying, and less time mixing up product
  • Melpat Bordeaux is registered on a large range of fruit, vegetable and nut crops
  • The dry flow able/granular formulation means there is little dust and the product is available in easy to handle 15kg and 1kg packs

The Bordeaux Crop Protectants have been designed to offer a high level of versatility as they can be used for a number of crops including vegetable, nuts and fruits. 

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