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Vaccinated studs from Merrignee

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Merrignee  are well known for their approved, vaccinated studs. Merino studs from Merrignee are regarded to have minimum risk related to OJD. In Merrignee, all younger and six-year-old ewes are vaccinated. Merrignee conduct vaccinating programme annually. The trading name of Merrignee Stud is C T Merriman and Son and they are GST registered.

Merrignee are very watchful and conscious of new developments in merino breeding. Merrignee are conducting research to develop a soft skin merino breed with improved wool type and quality. Breeding sheep for Italian wool is known to fetch high prices for wool types such as like fine and superfine wool. Studs for fine wool with crimping and staple lengths are available from Merringee.

Merrignee use Trisolfen pain relief during the lamb marking operation because it allows the identification of the mother of the lamb right away. Merrignee use the Skintraction procedure, which totally alleviates mulesing procedure. Skintraction is put into the sheep’s skin by a needle free applicator in order to produce a dead skin area, which results in contraction similar to mulesing.

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