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Different micron wool types from Merryville Stud

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Merryville Stud  offer fine and medium wool to the Australian wool industry. Merryville Stud strive to offer sheep of sound constitution with wool having resistant to fleece rot. The formula behind this involves the ‘weight in relating to micron in relation to wool type’. Merryville Stud work closely with the clients in order to identify the desired wool type and breed.

Merryville Stud produce wool types of different micron ranges which emphasis on staple, length, tip changes and crimp frequency as the wool type gets strong even more for example from 17 micron to 20 micron. The stud sires of Merryville Stud have been fleece weighed since 90 years and micron testing has been followed since 25 years. Merryville Stud serve as a benchmark at wether trials, shows and multi-vendor sales throughout Australia.

The wool type from Merryville Stud is improved with better wool cuts, fertility and body weight within the Merryville Stud’s wool type. Merryville Stud’s main aim is to produce a high performance sheep providing long term results for clients.

Merryville Stud have won 28 individual weather trials and five Sydney show supreme awards since 1985. Merryville Stud have also been awarded for successful exhibitions at Sydney, Goulburn, Dubbo and Melbourne for successive six years.

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