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Fine wool solutions from Merryville Stud

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Merryville Stud  specialise in breeding solutions and fine wool solutions. Merryville Stud entered a commercial partnership in 1999 with Marco Schneider and clients of Giovanni Schneider like Lora Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna. Merryville Stud, as a stud breeder, are capable of determining the exact requirements of spinners.

Merryville Stud’s alliance also includes Martzotto and Hugo Boss. Merryville Stud have long term contracts and now produce 19, 18, and 17 microns wools. Various Italian mills have invested millions of dollars in the Australian wool industry. These spinners emphasise on various type of wool, which have tensile strength of 40N/Ktex and more, 85 millimetre length and less, etc. These wool types are known for their efficient and high speed spinning and weaving. These wool types also said to provide drape and elasticity to cloths.

Merryville Stud understand the market well and choose genetics that are suitable for a specific market. Merryville Stud aim to provide 19.5 micron to Italian market and other broader wools to Japan, Korea and various world top makers. Merryville Stud have maximised wool cuts over the past few years and have also established quality wool types and traits, which are in high demand by spinners.

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