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Merryville type breeds from Merryville Stud

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Merryville Stud  were founded by George Merriman in 1865. Merryville Stud were established as Ravensworth Stud in New South Wales, Yass District. Merryville Stud were formerly a division of Ravensworth Stud, which began in 1903. Some of the pure Merino blood was founded at that time in Australia including Cullenbone and Birangambil, Tasmanian studs like Glasslough and Winton.

Ravensworth Stud were divided into three after George Merriman’s death in 1915. His three sons acquired each share and developed it individually. Sir Walter Merriman, one of his sons, focussed on Merino breed type, which is also called as the “Merryville type”.

The Merryville Stud bred predominantly the Saxon type until 1920. Subsequently, Sir Walter Merriman brought the Peppin sheep to join the existing Merryville Stud ewes. Then, a medium wool family was created within the stud. Later, many fine and medium wool families were introduced.

The four main sections of the Merryville Stud at that time includes Ultra fine 17.3 micron, fine 19 micron, super fine 18 micron and medium 20 micron. Each of these families are line bred to their own type in order to provide consistency and potency for this basic four individual studs.

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