Rural Wire Fencing Products by Metalcorp


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Fencing Equipment and Fencing Supplies: Chain wire, barb wire, fence posts, plain wire, hinge joints, Ring locks

Rural Wire Fencing Products and Fencing Materials by Metalcorp
Metalcorp stock a full range of fencing and wire products to suit a variety of needs.
To name a few fence products in our range options include:
  • Hinged joint wire
  • Ring locks
  • Ring Joints
  • Wire netting
  • High tensile and medium strength plain wire
  • Barbed wire fencing
  • Trellis wire
  • Steel fence droppers
  • Tie wire
  • Steel fencing posts

Whether you need fence supplies and fence materials to start from scratch or patch up existing wire fences, no matter what the acreage, to keep animals in or out, big or small, or guide and protect your plants, there is an option for all your fencing needs with Metalcorp Steel.

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