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Accuspray with a self-levelling suspension system for improved ride

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Accuspray, provided by Middle East Engineering , was designed with a self-levelling suspension system for better-quality ride. Accuspray also ensures that chemical is more evenly distributed to the target area. Accuspray Boomspray is a type of spray used to reduce boom sway, wear and tear.

Every Accuspray Boomsprays from Middle East Engineering incorporates the self-levelling suspension system that helps the wings to function independently along with the main chassis. This assists in reducing the boom sway. As stainless steel lasts much longer, Accusprays are manufactured with quality stainless steel.

Since regular materials like galvanised steel and brass, are highly susceptible to corrosive chemicals. Stainless steel is suitable for Accuspray main chassis and other components even when customers use pre-mixed chemicals such as Flexi-N.

Accuspray features with a stainless steel manifold located on one side of the unit. Every tap is attached to it, so customers can do everything right from one place. Accuspray features are simple and easy to operate. This system also means less chemical contamination and makes tank flushing and maintenance easier. Accuspray has an automotive 2-pack enamel finish that gives the boomspray an added protection against corrosive fertilisers like Flexi-N. Accuspray can be transported without the hassle of a pilot vehicle.

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