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Timber export and certification services offered by Middlesex Mill

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Middlesex Mill  offers export and certification services for a range of hardwood timber products including Jarrah, Marri, Blackbutt and Karri. Middlesex Mill conducts onsite inspections for estimating the scope of the construction projects. Through onsite inspections, Middlesex Mill analyses the client’s design and quality requirements and prepares customised specification plans for supplying suitable timber products. The rough sawn timber products, distributed by Middlesex Mill, are tested and certified for quality and efficiency. Using advanced design and manufacturing strategies, Middlesex Mill offers supply services for a range of quality timber products.

Middlesex Mill arranges the Australian Quarrentine Inspection, Australian Customs Clearance and Phytosanitary Certificates for exporting timber products. Middlesex Mill uses profilers and computerised optimising docking machines for the manufacture of its panelling and flooring products. The ceiling and flooring panels, supplied by Middlesex Mill, are available in a range of patterns and grain designs.

Middlesex Mill sources its timber products in an environment friendly manner. The dry timber products, supplied by Middlesex Mill, can be used for furniture designing and commercial and residential flooring applications.

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