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Herringbone milking system from Milka-Ware Australia

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The cows in the Herringbone milking system from Milka-Ware Australia are positioned along the sides of a pit. The arrangement of the milk-line and related equipment varies, based on operators' preferences. A double-up system consists of a set of cups for each and every cow position.

In the double-up system, the milk-line can be in midline, lowline or highline position. However, in the swingover system, the milk-line is only in the highline position. This ensures that the cups swing back and forth, across the pit.

The looped milk-line, offered by Milka-Ware Australia, provides features such as vacuum stability and washing. The looped milk-line utilises two milk-line systems that are mounted side by side. The looped milk-line from Milka-Ware Australia is a high powered cleaning system that ensures that the milking process is hygienically clean.

AfiFarm, from Milka-Ware Australia, is a management software used for advanced dairy farming and herd management. AfiFarm, from Milka-Ware Australia, offers dairy farmers with decision making tools that are well suited for long term strategic and short term tactical decisions, related to individual cows or entire herds.

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