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Dairy feed products from Milne Feeds

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Milne Feeds  produce and supply a wide range of feed grain products to maintain the nutritional level of animals. The Equine feed range, produced by Milne Feeds, includes horse cubes, performance horse pellets and pony cubes.

A special horse feed range from Milne Feeds is the Pegasus, which contains all the essential nutrients that help horses perform better.

The Pegasus range from Milne Feeds contains different products for horses of all ages. Pegasus products include Liberty, Performax, Equibalance, Coolmax and Studmaster. Performax is a high energy feed variety produced for sports horses and racehorses, while Coolmax is a cool energy feed with oat free feed variety.

Chick Crumble, a poultry feed range from Milne Feeds, exclusively produced for chickens in the age group of one day to six weeks helps attain essential growth. If a customer prefers vegetarian eggs from their chickens, they can use the Vege Layer Crumble from Milne Feeds, which is purely made of vegetarian substances. Pullet Crumble, Elite Layer Crumble and Econo-Egg Layer Pellets are some of the other poultry products supplied by Milne Feeds. Rabbit and guinea pig pellets, produced by Milne Feeds, are provided to animals along with their regular diet to fulfill all nutritional requirements.

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