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Milne Feeds supply feed for cattle and sheep

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Milne Feeds  provide nutritious food products for a wide range of animals. The beef feed range, supplied by Milne Feeds, include EasyBeef Cubes, Export Cattle Cubes and Calfgro – S Cubes. Milne Feeds produce EasyBeef Cubes in the form of a 9 millimetre cubes, with a complete balance of nutrition. It is designed specially for feedlot cattle.

Export Cattle Cubes, produced by Milne Feeds, are rich in fibre and grains. These are suitable for cattle at the time of transport or in holding yards. Calves of 3 to 12 months can enjoy the nutritional benefits of Calfgro –S, a feed cube with straw.

Sheep feed range, supplied by Milne Group, includes Vitalize, EasyOne and Econo Sheep Cubes.
EasyOne, the 9 millimetre feed cube can be fed to sheep in self-feeders, trails and troughs. This feed is rich in vitamins, coccidiostat and minerals.

A high-energy sheep feed from Milne Feeds is Vitalize, which fulfils the energy, protein and mineral requirements of sheep. Vitalize does not require any prior adaption process. Milne Feeds prepare their feed varieties by using a wide range of essential ingredients such as barley, wheat, cereal byproducts, oats, limesand, vitamins, minerals, oilseed meals and triticale.

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