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MGBA provides largest database of miniature goats in Australia

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The Miniature Goat Breeders Association (MGBA) is the largest breed association in the country for the Australian miniature goat, with the largest database of miniature goats in Australia.

Many long standing MGBA Breeders have been producing quality animals that are meeting the requirements of each new generation. Creation of the Australian Miniature Goat using MGBA standards is obtainable and were created and modified with the help of many reputable Foundation Breeders to promote the development of the Breed.

The aim was to create standards that any knowledgeable person could easily follow, using animals that were not unobtainable and to develop a Grading system similar to other accepted livestock grading up systems, that would continually support a breeding program in which each new generation would meet the steadily reducing height requirements.

MGBA provides information on:

  • Australian miniature goats
  • miniature goats for sale
  • miniature goat breeders around Australia
  • breed shows
  • miniature goat breed types

The MGBA is an exclusive and supportive group that values the controbutions of its members.

General members benefits include:

  • MGBA Magazine publications
  • exclusive Membership Card
  • ability to obtain a Breeders Prefix Registration of Miniature Goats via the MGBA Registry
  • access to Members only Message Board and Chat Room
  • free unlimited advertising on the MGBA members Classifieds site
  • free Stud listing and contact details on MGBA website with link to Website or Stud Profile
  • access to registrations dating back to the year 2000
  • participation in MGBA Shows and fun days

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