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Livestock supplements from Minrosa

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Minrosa  are suppliers of mineral rock salt, manufactured by Himalayan Health Crystals. The rock salt supplied by Minrosa can be used for both human and animal usage in various applications. Minrosa mineral rock salt acts as an additional nutrient supply for animals. Physical disorders in animals can be prevented to a considerable extent by adding this mineral salt along with the regular food. This salt also helps to increase the productivity and feed efficiency of animals.

Products from Minrosa can be used round the year, as they are rich in potassium. Livestock producers avail a number of advantages while using this rock salt. The rock salt is prepared without sweeteners. The salt blocks are weather-resistant and therefore, continuous usage is possible without any wastage. The colloidal micro minerals present in the mineral rock salt help in absorbing large amounts of vitamins.

Minrosa mineral salt products are supplied in different packages such as blocks, which can be tied to posts and dried, cylinders, and granulated and mashed forms, which are used as supplements in water and food. The rock salt can also be used as an aquacultural supplement.

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