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Minrosa supply mineral rock salt for livestock

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Minrosa  supply the chelated mineral salt from Himalayan Health Crystal Company. The chelated mineral salt is an affordable nutritional solution to improve the health of sheep and lamb during drought. The salt is supplied as salt licks or granulated supplement for aquaculture, livestock and the poultry industry.  Minerosa mineral rock salt helps to save on feeding costs and produce healthy animals. The mineral rock salt also improves the digestion capacity of the livestock and helps the animals to remain healthy. Supplementation of the salt in the water has also helped in the growth of the fish and shrimps.

The chelated mineral salt is a natural pollution free source. The mineral rock salt product can be used in varied ways for edible salts, sole brines, pools and spas, bath salts, lamps, candleholders, massage stones and health wall. Minrosa mineral rock salt can be added to juice or water and taken every day for mineral supplement. The mineral rock salt can be used for detoxification, skin rashes, pimples and foot fungus.

The facet walls of the building built with mineral rock salt bricks can be a natural air ioniser.  Minrosa rock salt lamp when placed at home cures diseases like hayfever and asthma.

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