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Miramoona Merino Stud produce fine wool

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Established in 1972, Miramoona Merino Stud  are commercial flock breeders. Miramoona Merino Stud can produce sheep that comply with the modern carcass requirements. The sheep at the Stud are worm resistant and they produce free growing 18-micron wool.

Miramoona Merino Stud utilise the SRS system for their breeding purposes. They breed heavy cutting sheep varieties with fine wool. Miramoona Merino Stud aim to meets their customers’ needs by producing soft fibre with high processing qualities.

Wool from Miramoona Merino Stud can be used to produce soft, lightweight materials that can be worn close to the skin. Miramoona Merino Stud increase the fleece weight as they breed sheep varieties that suit the needs of commercial breeders.

Miramoona Merino Stud concentrate on the selection of sheep and utilise the appropriate mating programmes to arrive at the genetic results. Ewes from Miramoona Merino Stud run in stocking rates and commercial situations, which are mandatory for yielding finer benefits.

Miramoona Merino Stud focus on fertility, constitution and conformation. Miramoona Merino Stud maintain pedigree and performance reports of their ewes.

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