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Sheep and breeding services from Miramoona Merino Stud

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Miramoona Merino Stud  provide services to sheep producers across Australia. These services begin with the grouping of each type of flock, based on genes and types. Miramoona Merino Stud also aid customers to choose appropriate mating programmes for their animals. Miramoona Merino Stud provide ram management services, based on client requirements. Miramoona Merino Stud ensure that their clients select productive mating processes for their animals. 

Miramoona Merino Stud facilitate commercial wool growers in increasing production and yield profits. They attain high fertility in both, flock and stud. As a result, Miramoona Merino Stud have received the national standard twice.

With animals that display a high resistance to worms, Miramoona Merino Stud are part of the Nemesis Project conducted every year. Since 1995, Miramoona Merino Stud have been identifying and breeding worm resistant sheep. This is done primarily by recognising sheep that are naturally worm resistant. Miramoona Merino Stud also work towards neutralising wool microns while maintaining the fleece weight.

Since the end of 1970s, Miramoona Merino Stud have involved themselves in the Armidale Unhoused Ram sale. The rams that are showcased are paddock reared and unhoused.

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