Mirani Merino and Poll Merino Sheep Studs


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15/09/08 - Mirani offer services such as wool production, with sheep and cattle grazing. Mirani utilise technology in their wool growing processes. Mirani also deal with ram and semen sales. When a ram is one year old, Mirani uses it in their progeny testing se
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12/09/08 - With 75 years of experience, knowledge and skill in the field of wool growing, Mirani deal with cattle and sheep grazing for fine wool production. Mirani maintain different parameters for selecting the sires, as they want to produce the optimum quant
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11/09/08 - Mirani stud breed sheep, which produce a large amount of quality wool, and reared with minimum care. The main aim of Mirani stud is to produce sheep that perform under paddock conditions.

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NSW 2354
Tel: 02 6777 1360
Fax: 02 6777 2683

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