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High Quality Wool from Mirani stud

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Mirani  stud breed sheep, which produce a large amount of quality wool, and reared with minimum care.  The main aim of Mirani stud is to produce sheep that perform under paddock conditions. Mirani stud use every available tool to increase the production at their stud.  

The main business of Mirani stud is growing wool and so they select sheep varieties that yield the maximum profit. Mirani stud implement different methods to choose their sire varieties. One of those methods is the faecal egg counts method, which helps to choose sires that will give high productivity and resistance to internal parasites.

Rams in the Mirani stud sire undergo progeny test and fleece test at 12 and 24 months. Rams available for sale are presented with performance data, Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV) and industry indexes that are benchmarked by Sheep genetics Australia (SGA). Sale Rams aged 16 to 18 months are available from early February every year. Mirani stud evaluate new sires regularly through on farm progeny tests.

At Mirani stud, the ewes that are retained for breeding process undergo thorough objective and visual selection process. Selected maidens are scanned for pregnancy and non pregnant ewes are culled. 

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