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Rams and sheep from Mirani

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Mirani  offer services such as wool production, with sheep and cattle grazing. Mirani utilise technology in their wool growing processes. Mirani also deal with ram and semen sales. When a ram is one year old, Mirani uses it in their progeny testing services. Mirani retain 50 sheep that perform well in the tests for further evaluation. Mirani sell rams and lambs that are 16 to 18 months old. Mirani utilise their rams in the tipping and fleece testing processes to obtain the finer sires.

The rams that obtain the top results in the tests are sold in the Armidale Unhoused Sale and other ram sales and shows. While selling the ram lambs, Mirani submit complete reports of the tests that each animal has undergone. These reports comprise other information such as the Australian Sheep Breeding Values and various other industry indexes. These ASBV tests and indexes are measured by Sheep Genetics Australia.

Some of the tests conducted by Mirani include Progeny Tests On Farm, Central Test Sire Evaluation and Merino Benchmark. Mirani test their wethers to ensure that they perform even in non-traditional areas to provide quality wool.

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