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Selection processes of Mirani stud

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With 75 years of experience, knowledge and skill in the field of wool growing, Mirani deal with cattle and sheep grazing for fine wool production. Mirani maintain different parameters for selecting the sires, as they want to produce the optimum quantity and quality of wool.

Mirani execute certain tests before choosing the rams and lambs for their stud. The ewes from Mirani are fleece weighed and side sampled. With the results of these two tests, Mirani decide the allocation for ewes by calculating the Australian Sheep Breeding Values. The ewes are then allocated to studs, flocks, UltraFines or culls with an MP index of 6 per cent. Next, the ewes are classed to ascertain that they match their grade levels. The ewes in Mirani are tested every year to ensure their pregnancy status.

Though Mirani conduct various tests on their ewes for the selection process, they want to further improve their processes. As a result, Mirani united hands with Merino Benchmark. With benchmarking, Mirani can track the genetic progress of the animals.

With this thorough selection process, the sires and young rams from Mirani perform as well as the 20 elite studs of Australia.

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