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Tungsten products from Mitchtip Agricultural

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Tillage points from Mitchtip Agricultural are made up of Austempered ductile Iron. The products from Mitchtip Agricultural comprise of tough cast iron that has 11 percent elongation (will bend 11 percent). Tungsten components from Mitchtip Agricultural are solid and are also available in two different type's namely heavy duty and standard with a range of five points.

The heavy duty and standard Tungsten components from Mitchtip Agricultural offer a diverse range of Austempered ductile iron points in order to suit various applications and conditions. Heavy duty and standard Tungsten components, provided by Mitchtip Agricultural, also suit most machines with two bolt hole tynes.

Heavy duty Tungsten offered by Mitchtip Agricultural is 15 millimetre X 8 millimetre thick and 20 millimetre deep. The Standard Tungsten from Mitchtip Agricultural 10 millimetre X 5millimeter thick and 30 millimetre deep. Selecting between heavy or standard Tungsten depends on the soil type, personal experience in relation to product or based on advice provided by the dealer. The slimline type adaptor system from Mitchtip Agricultural provides customers with the maximum amount of proven versatility. Mitchtip Agricultural at Acre Mate provides 100 percent support with reference to farmer and dealer products.

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