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Exxon Mobil answers FAQ about the benefits of using E10 Unleaded petrol

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Mobil  is a supplier of Unleaded E10 through its gas stations and to distributors and other independent resellers throughout NSW, ACT and QLD, for those who wish to use a more environmentally responsible and renewable fuel.   Here Mobil answers some frequently asked questions about E10.  

Q. What is E10 Unleaded?  

A. E10 is a fuel blend of unleaded petrol and ethanol.  The 10 stands for 10% (of ethanol) which is the limited amount according to the Australian Government.

Q. What is Ethanol?

A. Ethanol is a renewable biofuel that is produced using a range of agricultural crops such as grains and sugar cane.

Q. Why switch to using Unleaded E10?

A. The ethanol component of the Unleaded E10 offers environmental benefits, helping to reduce harmful exhaust emissions.  Ethanol is also a renewable energy source and using more decreases dependency on fossil fuels.

Q. Is Unleaded E10 suitable for my vehicle?

A. The majority of vehicles built since 1986 are compatible with up to 10% ethanol blends, some pre 1986 vehicles are too.  

It is highly recommended to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s advice.  A comprehensive list of vehicles capable of using E10 can be found on the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) website.  Follow the same advice for motorcycles, tractors and agricultural machinery.  

Q. Can I switch between Unleaded E10 and other grades of Mobil petrol?

A. Yes.

Q. How will Unleaded E10 affect vehicle performance?

A. Unleaded E10 typically has a high octane of above 93 RON compared to 91 to 92 RON found in regular unleaded petrol.  The increased octane enables some engines to operate more efficiently.  

Unleaded E10 also contains a corrosion inhibitor that protects the fuel system as well as a detergent additive to keep fuel injectors and inlet valves clean.

Q. Does Unleaded E10 reduce fuel economy?

A. Some vehicles may experience a minimal reduction in fuel economy due to the reduced energy content of ethanol.  Using E10 is likely to have less effect on economy than other factors such as the season, weather, road condition and vehicle condition.

Q. Is Unleaded E10 suitable for ultralights, aircraft and marine engines?

A. No.  

Q. Can Unleaded E10 be used with chainsaws, lawnmowers and other small engines?

A. Ethanol-blended fuels will be suitable for many small engines.  Always check with the equipment’s manufacturer before use.

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