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Mobil explains predicted energy consumption changes for 2040 from the Outlook report

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Every year the Outlook analyses, updates and publishes trends that are shaping global energy demand in the coming decades.  Exxon Mobil uses The Outlook for Energy report to guide its global decisions.

Mobil understands that the world’s energy future will be shaped by decisions not just of fuel companies like ours, but also by consumers and policymakers.

The energy issues faced over the next 30 years will be affected by the evolution of technology and vary by region, reflecting government policies, diverse economies and demographic trends.

The main universal expectation for 2040 is that energy will, through necessity, be being used more efficiently and more diverse energy supplies will continue to be developed as new sources and technologies emerge.

Other key points of interest highlighted in the Outlook include:

  • Compared to 2010 global energy demand increase by about 30 % by 2040.
  • Energy demand growth will slow due to maturation of economies, accelerating efficiency gains and moderation of population growth.
  • The energy consumption in countries belonging to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) will remain essentially flat.
  • Energy demand in non-OECD will grow by up to 60 %.
  • Over 40 % of global energy consumption will be accounted for by electricity generation in 2040.
  • Oil is set to remain the most commonly used fuel, with natural gas growing to over take coal to second position.
  • An increasing share of the global supply of both natural gas and oil, will come from non-traditional sources, such as shale formations.
  • By 2040 demand for natural gas will increase by 60 % or more.
  • There will be a gradual decline in demand for coal after an initial peak.
  • More efficient energy saving technologies and practices will counter curb emissions and demand growth.
  • Global energy related (CO2) carbon dioxide emissions will level off after a slow period of growth.
Visit the Exxon Mobil website to download a complete copy of the 2012 report, looking forward to 2040 and to gain a broader understanding of the energy issues affecting everyone globally. 

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