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Cattle trials from Mograni Devon Stud

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The Devon Breedplan from Mograni Devon Stud is an international beef recording scheme which is vital for the development of the breed. The Devon cattle from Mograni Devon Stud have been involved in many trials in various parts of the world. This has helped to collect numerous information which helps to compare other breeds of cattle. The trail helps to give indication about the performance when Devons are used in particular management system.

Devon Cattle Breeders Society of Australia encourages breeders in order to collect performance data which in turn can be entered into the Society's records and can also be analysed with the help of BREEDPLAN technology. This allows to completely comparing the genetic merits of animals for any of the traits that are recorded. This method helps purchasers to select cattleā€™s in a way that is more compatible with their breeding objectives.

Efforts are undertaken to collect carcase data, with special consideration to the meat quality and yield figures which are being used in the new Meat Standards Australia program. This helps to identify superior genetics for use in the pure-bred herd as well as for cross breeding.

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