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Commercial and stud cattle breeding from Mograni & Manbell Devons

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Mograni & Manbell Devons  is a foremost breeder of commercial and stud Devon cattle, presenting progeny into herds across the country. Mograni & Manbell Devons is a family owned business which is grazed by Devon cattle for more than 100 years. Mograni & Manbell Devons is located 5 kilometres east of the township Gloucester is over looked by the Mograni Mountain Range. Mograni & Manbell Devons aims to produce cattle in order suit all markets.

Manbell turned out to be a registered stud in the early 1980's when original females where sourced from Tirranna and Glenall. But over the years females have been purchased from Kholwha and Wombramurra. Selected sires from Manbell have also been purchased from various vendors in order to enhance herd genetics. Morgrani was established in the year 1996 when two females where moved from Manbell to pursue a showing interest. The main aim of Mograni & Manbell Devons is to produce quality cattle as per the requirements of the market.

Mograni & Manbell Devons has been acquiring females from Barnstaple and Havilah. Mograni & Manbell Devons also has plans to source more progeny in order to continuously improve their herd.

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