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Devon cattle from Mograni & Manbell Devons

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The Devon cattle breed from Mograni & Manbell Devons has been in existence for more than two centuries. The Devon cattle breed is believed to have come down from the original cattle in Britain. Developed in Devonshire in south western England, the Devon cattle breed was initially used for marketing beef. The Devon cattle breed is currently used for its beef as well as for breeding. This dual purpose breed is also found in some parts of America.

Mograni & Manbell Devons suggests that Devon cattle have been in Australia ever since the late 1700's when the original cattle where imported from Britain and other parts of Europe and India. Today Devon cattle are spread widely across Australia. A larger number of Devon cattle breed is found around the south-east portion of the country.

According to Mograni & Manbell Devons, Devon cattle breed is well-known for its high fertility rate, docile nature, good meat quality and the ability to adapt to harsh conditions. The quality traits of Devon cattle breed offer outstanding results for the beef industry. The current stud sires from Mograni & Manbell Devons comprise of Wallaton Concierge, Belmur Valley, Manbell Bob, Vix Yonkers and Barnstaple Kaiser.

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