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Devon studs and commercial cattle from Mograni Devon Stud

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Mograni Devon Stud  breeds quality Devon cattle across Australia. Mograni Devon Stud offers Devon studs and commercial cattle that provide progeny in herds throughout the country. The property is used for breeding Devon cattle for more than 100 years. Mograni Devon Stud is located 5 kilometres east of the township Gloucester.

Mograni Devon Stud aims at producing efficient cattle to suit all markets. The Devon cattle breed is one among the first breeds to prevail in Australia. Mograni Devon Stud believes that the Devon cattle has been in Australia ever since 1700. At present, Devon cattle are spread across Australia. A large number of Devon cattle is found around the south-east portion of the country.

The Devon cattle from Mograni Devon Stud are well-known for itheir gentle nature, high meat quality and high fertility rate. The Devon cattle can adapt themselves to harsh conditions. The quality traits of the Devon cattle offer phenomenal results for the beef industry. The usage of Devon genetics offers number of advantage in any herd. The property of Mograni Devon Stud can hold about 50 stud and 110 commercial breeders can graze the 1100-acre property at a time.

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