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Sheep breeding operations from Mondray Texel Stud

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Mondray Texel Stud  are involved in breeding sheep. Mondray Texel Stud are located at Moulamein in the Southern Riverina of New South Wales. Mondray Texel Stud transfer its embryos through artificial insemination programme using the genetics available. The cattle produced by Mondray Texel Stud through this process are structurally sound and well built. Mondray Texel Stud maintain standard quality for accurate estimated breeding value and the records are recorded on the pedigree wizard.

Stud management programme is also carried out by Mondray Texel Stud. It includes breeding programme and regular monitoring of sheep health. The sires present in Mondray Texel Stud are DNA recorded. The lamb born is ear tagged at birth. This number is the then ear tattooed at six weeks giving secure and permanent ID for the animal. The health of the sheep is regularly maintained according to occupational health and safety features. Mondray Texel Stud conduct regular vaccination programmes and are accredited for Ovine Brucellosis.

Mondray Texel Stud provide different types of sheep for sale. The Pinnacle 0233-01(Caesar) present in the Mondray Texel Stud are well-balanced ram. It has correct structure and bone with clean white face and legs.

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