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Winston and N.Z’s Top Tender rams from Mondray Texel Stud

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Mondray Texel Stud , located at Moulamein in the Southern Riverina of New South Wales, are involved in sheep breeding. The breeding processes at Mondray Texel Stud are performed with help of artificial insemination methods using genetics. Stud management services are too offered by Mondray Texel Stud.

The Winston is a well-balanced and structurally sound sheep. The Winston breeds from Mondray Texel Stud are Texel ram with good temperament and it has large body devoid of pigments. This sheep had an index value of 145.54. The high rate of index value helped Winston to be overall winner in the Lambplan Challenge class at the Dubbo Show.

The N.Z’s Top Tender ram from Mondray Texel Stud were imported from New Zealand. This ram is moderately framed with loads of muscle on the back end. It was scanned for an eye muscle area of 25.7 centimetres. The mature weight of the ram is 108 kilograms. The 100 and 200 day weight of the ram was 36 and 56.5 kilograms. The fleece weight of N.Z’s Top Tender ram for twelve months was 6.7 kilograms and 32 microns.

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