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Muncher products and screens from Mono Pumps (Australia)

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Muncher products from Mono Pumps (Australia) are a range of slow speed, twin shaft, high torque grinders that are used to grind solids within a flow. Each shaft in these products is fitted with a sequence of interleaving spacers and cutters to provide real 'positive displacement' in solid grinding.

Muncher products from Mono Pumps (Australia) are installed in applications such as the protection of pumps prone to blockage, bulk reduction, material reclamation and profit from waste, fine grinding of sewage and sludges, efficient disintegration of extracted screenings prior to treatment and effective packaged pumping systems combined with Mono progressing cavity pumps.

Mono Pumps (Australia) has been involved in the development and installation of screens since 1991.The extractors and screens from Mono Pumps (Australia) provide effective and reliable screening for storm overflows, inlet works, pump stations and water abstraction intakes.

Mono Pumps (Australia) offers two types of extractors and screens such as the L series Discreen and stormscreens. The oilfield manufacturing facility from Mono Pumps (Australia) uses the most recent machining systems that are available along with quality dynamometer testing rigs. Mono Pumps (Australia) offers quick delivery and stock of Mono spares.

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